Everyone deserves a piece of sun


Over the last decade we have witnessed a 'real' pro-environment awakening,
which started a de-facto revolution in order to save our planet!
Technological progress and development became ground-breaking and unprecedented,
and great minds from all over the world have joined in an effort to decrease air pollution
and reduce the tremendous costs of electricity production.
Greenovation is dedicated to use its technology and entrepreneurship to
export such environmental revolution to the developing countries.
We believe everyone has the right to enjoy the outstanding benefits of green energy, using solar technology.
We have so far managed to achieve impressive results, which have grown
beyond expectations in the African continent.
And this is just the beginning.


hours of energy a year


solar panels

What we do?

Here at Greenovation we use our innovative technology to
  export and implement great solar energy projects in developing countries.
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Responsibility and Sustainability
Maximize Energy

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